Our rooms are within the ARUN Place complex adjacent to Mediclinic Vergelegen (see map). Most cosmetic operations are done at Somerset Aesthetic Surgery clinic, which is situated adjacent to our rooms. More complex operations are done at Vergelegen Medi-Clinic private hospital. We consult in Paarl on Thursdays at suite 13, Paarl Medical Centre, adjacent to Mediclinic Paarl private hospital and Dr Kleynhans operates at Mediclinic Paarl and CURE day clinic St Stephen’s Paarl.

Somerset Aesthetic Surgery clinic is a private surgical facility designed to provide a safe, tasteful and comfortable environment for patients undergoing aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in a fully accredited day clinic. The clinic and staff are committed to providing excellent care with discretion, respecting confidentiality and privacy. Somerset Aesthetic Surgery is equipped with modern operating theatres and recovery wards, state of the art surgical equipment and is fully registered and accredited by the relevant authorities. It is subject to ongoing accreditation and peer review protocols. A team of experienced staff is available to guide patients through their operation and postoperative recovery phase.


Mediclinic Vergelegen hospital is a modern private hospital situated in Somerset West, one of the Mediclinic group of hospitals and well for  known for high standards of patient, medical and nursing care. Similarly Mediclinic Paarl hospital has provided excellent private medical facilities in the Paarl area for years and has recently added further operating theatres to enhance patient care. Both MediclinicVergelegen and Mediclinic Paarl have all facilities offered by modern private hospitals of international standard and are adequately equipped for complex plastic and reconstructive surgery. Private wards are available for patient convenience.


CURE Day Clinic St Stephen’s Paarl provides quality affordable day surgery facilities and is situated at 10 School street, Northern Paarl.




Aesthetic plastic surgery is concerned with restoring and maintaining normality as well as modifying appearance towards a perceived aesthetic ideal. Natural features are carefully preserved and function never compromised in order to achieve aesthetic improvement. Patients own thoughts about features to be changed and expected aesthetic ideals are carefully explored and the intention is to satisfy these as far as possible. Patients seek cosmetic surgery in an attempt to improve their quality of life. Aesthetic and reconstructive procedures can compliment one’s life in the same way as exercise and fashion can. Cosmetic surgical enhancement of troublesome aspects of one’s appearance often helps patients to feel better about themselves, restores self confidence and often leads to improved personal and professional interaction and relationships. Patients view aesthetic surgery as an investment in themselves.



We are committed to providing the highest standards of modern cosmetic and reconstructive surgical care and offer conventional tried and tested operations. We remain informed of all new developments in the plastic surgery field and only incorporate new techniques once convinced that they are safe and improve on existing ones. We aim to ensure that patients are fully informed about alternative procedures, possible complications, further treatment and costs ahead of their operations. There is no substitute for careful planning, meticulous surgery and experience with the relevant technique. We undertake to support patients holistically throughout the procedure and postoperative recovery phase and to provide advice on ancillary treatments to further enhance the result. Patients are dealt with in a confidential and discreet manner and all clinical information and photographs are dealt with confidentially.



It is important for patients to have realistic expectations about what the proposed surgery can and cannot achieve. A cosmetic operation will improve facial harmony and body shape but cannot be expected to solve personal problems or to create an entirely new face or body. It rather fashions or refines preexisting features for the better. Furthermore surgery is not an exact science and preexisting skin and tissue conditions, patient health and adherence to postoperative instructions will affect the outcome. Full and detailed preoperative consultation about the procedure as well as viewing examples showing realistic results of the various operations help to demonstrate expected outcomes after surgery.



Light Sleep Anesthesia is the use of intravenous medicines to induce a state of sedation and a light sleep. The patient breathes on his/her own and the rate of post-operative nausea is very low with this anesthesia. After arrival to the clinic, medications are given intravenously which induce a profound state of relaxation. Most often during Light Sleep Anaesthesia, patients are asleep for the duration of the operation, resulting in very little memory of the operation itself. After this state is achieved, local anaesthetic is given to produce numbness in the area(s) being operated on. Recovery is rapid and easy from Light Sleep Anaesthesia, unlike general anaesthesia which more often produces nausea after the surgery. Light Sleep Anaesthesia also carries less risk of complications.


The fees for cosmetic surgery can be obtained at the consultation. When a procedure is done purely for cosmetic reasons, most often insurance will not cover any of the cost. Reconstructive surgery is often reimbursed in part or completely by medical insurance. Procedures that are part cosmetic and part reconstructive will generally have a portion of the cost reimbursed. We will be happy to help you with motivation for the operation. All cosmetic surgery fees needs to be paid for at the time of surgery and we will advise you when and to whom the various fees are payable. When an insurance company is paying part or all of the fee, full payment is still the responsibility of the patient given that the insurance policy is with the patient and not with the doctor or surgery center.

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